What to know about waxing

Book your appointment right

Please schedule all the services you want when you make the  appointment. People often book a bikini wax and then ask for a full  brazilian, which can double the allotted time, and different areas may  require different technicians.

Let it grow

The hair in the bikini area should be a quarter-inch long if it’s  fine and a half-inch long if it’s coarse. That means you’ll need to wax  approximately every two to five weeks.

Wax types

We use two different types of wax: hard and soft. Both are effective,  though many people find hard wax, which is usually used for the bikini  area, less painful and request it.

Bikini vs. Brazilian

A Brazilian wax removes more hair than a bikini wax. Whereas a bikini  focuses on the front and sides (what would be visible in a swimsuit),  the Brazilian removes the front, sides, back and everything in between,  often only leaving a strip of hair in the front—or none at all. Most of  the time, you can leave your underwear on during a standard bikini wax.

Preparing for a Wax

If you’re worried about pain, take one or two Advil an hour before  your appointment. If it still hurts, ask the technician to apply strips  to smaller areas at a time. We also recommend an exfoliating scrub the  day before and advise not to apply body lotion the day of the wax.


After the tenderness has subsided, we recommend to exfoliate in the  shower to remove dead skin so the pores don’t become clogged, causing  ingrown hairs and bumps. If bumps do appear, “don’t squeeze or tweeze!”.