Ancient Vedic knowledge tells us that the body’s vital energy moves in discretely defined channels, and there exist concentrations of energy in the midline of the body. These centers or wheels of energy are called chakras, and each of these centers identifies a core human need. When a center is open, the energy that flows through that chakra allows needs to be met more effortlessly. If there is a blockage in one area, energy becomes stagnant and intentions are more difficult to actualize.

We offer a unique chakra-balancing treatment based on the ancient healing ritual known as Tattva Shuddhi. During a session, your therapist will work with you to activate your energy centers by placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra, and by using the vibration of specific shapes, or yantras, essential oils, gemstones and bodywork, to increase the flow of energy. 

To put simply, this ancient practice leads to deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation.

You can benefit from Chakra Balancing if you wish to:

· Release emotional pain from past experiences that gets stored at subtle levels of the body

· Experience more vitality

· Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors, helping you break free of old conditioned patterns

· Nourish and develop specific positive traits

· Experience greater ease and clarity during a transition of any sort

· Deeply cleanse and nourish your energetic channels

· Supplement and support your spiritual, meditation, and yoga practice

· Enliven your inner intelligence, allowing you to bloom into your full potential

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60 min session - $85 (normally $129)

90 min session - $130 (normally $179)

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